Sudah Kenal Atau Baru Sebatas Menilai…

Ikat Ilmu Dengan Menuliskannya…

Dissecting a Climate Change Calamity

Posted by suradigorontalo on 18 August 2013

Inform The Pundits!

How does an “unprecendented” climate change catastrophe happen? Let’s see…

Three weeks ago, 7/23/2013, shocked the world by reporting that a lake formed at the North Pole.It was in a small 214-word news brief.

The next day – Canada’s largest English language newspaper service – picked up on the story. They took it to the next level. They added a “stunning” before/after display and a time-lapse video showing the “arctic winter turning to summer”.

Within two days it went viral. CBS News, MS-NBC, USA Today, Fox News, The Huffington Post, The Atlantic Wire and the UK’s Sky News and Orange News all picked up the story.
Even The Colbert Report got in on the act.

Each spun their version a little different, pinning it on global warming without validation.

Media Made Catastrophe

The summer ice is melting away at unprecedented rates…

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